MAJORS Ages 10, 11, & 12

Majors follows traditional baseball rules. All players wishing to enter Majors for the first time are required to attend
tryouts. Players who are not drafted will be drafted to a AAA team. Returning majors players do not need to attend

-Age: 10 - 12 year olds
-Hitting: Players will be hitting off of live player pitching
-Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base path and pitching is at 46 feet
-Ball Type: Hard ball
-When league age 10 & 11-year-old players should consider majors: After completing a season in the AAA division and demonstrating the ability for the next level. League age 10 players in Majors will typically experience less defensive playing time and more difficult at-bats due to facing more skilled pitchers. It is not uncommon for league age 10 players, who completed a Minors division at age 9, prefer to play a second season in Minors to allow more opportunity for player and skill development.
*Note League age 12 players are generally assumed as Majors division and will be drafted following a tryout. Some league age 12 players may best fit in minors due to safety and comfort. If you have safety concerns for your league age 12 player don't hesitate to contact the VP of Baseball, Player Agent or
Safety Officer.