Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age limits to the divisions?

There are no Fall Ball options for players who were league-age 4-6 in the spring and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this per district guidelines.

When does Fall Ball registration end?

Registration for Fall Ball is open until mid-August. Note: Divisions might close earlier depending on how many teams we have available.

What are the season dates for Fall Ball?

Practices will begin around the last week of August. With games starting in early September and going through mid/late October.

What teams will MLL play against?

Fall Ball opponents vary from year to year by division, but teams from other Little Leagues in District 1.

What time of day will the games start?

The schedule is set by District 1 officials. An entire schedule will be released by the end of August.

What team will my son/daughter be playing on?

Teams will be formed by 9/1 - we strive to have evenly matched teams.

What will the players be wearing for uniforms?

MLL will provide a uniform jersey and hat for each player. Families will need to provide pants, belt and socks. Your Manager will have more information at the start of the season.

When will practices be held?

Managers typically hold 1-2 weeknight practices per week.

My child is playing different positions than what he/she has been played before. Why is that?

Fall Ball is instructional in nature, and we look to expose our players to a range of positions throughout the season. This variety will provide an opportunity for all players to get experience at a multitude of positions as they develop their game.

What activities other than coaching can parents do to help?

MLL is dependent on parent volunteers! There is always a need for volunteers to assist with field prep, umpiring, score keeping, dugout cleanup, etc. All of these jobs are necessary to run a successful season and managers cannot do it alone. Please jump in and take an active role in your child's season!

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