Fall Ball

Marysville Little League offers Fall Ball to players that have played Rookies or above. Fall Ball practices will begin in mid-August and games run through October.

The schedule is put together by District 1.
Fall Ball Overview page: 2024 FALL BALL 

Fall Ball is an instructional season designed with an emphasis on developing fundamentals to prepare players for the next level of play and playing a variety of positions. It is meant to develop fundamentals and play a variety of positions. Many of our Fall Ball players participate in other sports at the same time (soccer, football, etc.).

Fall Ball is available to players who were League Age 7-15 for the spring season. We do not have offerings outside those ages and cannot make exceptions due to District 1 guidelines.

Note: We have no control over the District 1 schedule, so we are not able to answer any questions about days/times, etc. 

Sport/DivisionLeague AgesField SizePitchingGames per WeekDivision Notes
BB Juniors12 - 15 yrs.90 ft.Player2 - 3 *15 yr. old cannot pitch.
BB Interim.11 - 13 yrs.70 ft.Player2 - 3*
BB Majors10 - 12 yrs.60 ft.Player2
BB AAA8 - 9 yrs.60 ft.Player2Experienced 8 yr. olds.
BB Farm7 - 8 yrs.60 ft.Combination2NEW 8 yr. Olds.
SB Juniors12 - 14 yrs.60 ft.Player2 - 3 *
SB Majors9 - 12 yrs.60 ft.Player2
SB Rookie7 - 9 yrs.60 ft.Coach2

Fall Ball player age is the SAME as their Spring league age. To determine your child's League Age, click here: League Age Calculator

Divisions of play offered for game play is dependent on the number of teams registered. Registering teams as soon as possible will enable prompt decision on ability to offer each level game play.

* Baseball 13-15 yrs. & 11-12 yrs. and Softball 12-13 yrs. may offer double header games on weekends with the option for weeknight games.

For more information on the Fall Ball season or to volunteer to help coordinate Fall Ball, please contact [email protected]

The league needs several volunteers – managers and coaches, primarily -- to help make this program a success.

(Estimated) Schedule

Actual timeline will be published on District 1's website. That can be found HERE.

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