Marysville Little League Scholarship Application

Marysville Little League (“MLL”) firmly believes that children who wish to play baseball or softball
should be able to do so, regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstance.

The MLL Scholarship Program offers children the opportunity to participate in Little League
despite financial hardship. Scholarship funds are limited; applicants must meet certain financial
criteria (as noted below) in order to certify that their needs qualify. Not all applicants will be
accepted, but all will be considered and reviewed.

Scholarships are designed to cover 75% of the registration fee. Applicants will typically be
responsible for the remaining 25% of the fee, with the balance to be paid upon approval. In
certain cases, the Board will consider requests for the registration fee to be covered in full.
Applicants also acknowledge that MLL is a Volunteer-Operated League, and as such, all
families of players are asked to contribute to the league through volunteering.

Examples of
volunteering include official coaching positions, umpiring, working concessions, and participating
in field clean-up events.

Marysville Little League - Scholarship Application Form (2024)

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