MAJORS - AGES 10, 11 & 12

The Majors level is a competitive level that continues to stress fundamental softball and introduce more advanced
softball skills and gameplay.

-Age: 10-12-year-olds.
-Hitting: Players will be hitting off of player pitching for all 6 innings.
-Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base paths and pitching is at 40 feet.
-Ball Type: 12-inch softball.

Team Formation:
Players will participate in an evaluation (tryout) and be drafted onto a team. If players are not selected in the Major's draft, they will be placed on a Minor league team. Once a player is drafted to a Majors team, the player is deemed a "property player". The player remains with that team for the remainder of Majors-eligible years with MLL; except in the case of an expansion or contraction year, in which case players may be moved or re-drafted per applicable rules.

If player is league age 12, they will be guaranteed unless safety concerns a place on a Majors team. Players league age 10 or 11 may try out and if qualified along with available spots within the draft may play Majors, otherwise they will be placed on a Minor league team. Typically, teams consist of primarily 11 and 12 years old.

Marysville Little League Rules

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