AAA (Player pitching) Ages 9, 10, 11

AAA introduces a traditional 3 strike/4 ball count with 4 balls resulting in a walk. Base runners can advance bases once the ball crosses home plate or is hit into play.

-Age: 9 - 11 year olds
-Hitting: Players will be hitting off of live player pitching
-Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base path and pitching is at 46 feet
-Ball Type: Hard ball

AAA tryout:
A skills-based tryout will be held for all league age 9 players wishing to play AAA. The objective of this tryout is to help determine the appropriate division for all players to have the most fun season possible while ensuring opportunity to develop and succeed.
When league age 9-year-old players can play AAA: After completing a full season of Farm (or obtaining exception from Player Agent) and upon attending tryouts. Any 9-year-olds not drafted to a AAA team will be available for the Farm draft.
How AAA teams are formed: Coaches will draft players after the tryout, all players will be drafted.
Siblings: Guaranteed same team if requested.

Marysville Little League Rules

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