AA (Player & Coach Pitching) Ages 8 & 9

AA is the player introduction to kid pitch baseball. This level will have a combination of kid/coach pitch with the emphasis on player pitch development and further advancement of baseball skills and learning the game. Player pitching and batting will have a standard 3 strikes/4 balls at-bat. If 4 balls are registered, the pitcher moves to a defensive position and a coach of the at-bat team provides 3 pitches to the batter.

-Age: 8 - 9 year olds
-Hitting: Players will hit off a coach pitch, before moving to player pitch.
-No Walks: If a player gets 4 balls, the coach will come in to pitch. This will put more balls in play for the defense.
-Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base path and pitching is at 46 feet
-Ball Type: Hard ball

When AA can be skipped:
Only when the player's first season of baseball is at league age 10.
When league age 8 players should play AA: Often after completing 2 Rookie seasons a league age 8 player is ready for AA. This is based on player confidence, basic skills, and general understanding of baseball.
How AA teams are formed: Coaches will draft players to fill their roster after tryouts, all kids will be drafted. Tryouts and draft for the AA level is done in order to give equal opportunities and attempt to balance out the teams as well as basic skills assessment.
Siblings: Guaranteed same team, if requested.

Marysville Little League Rules

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