MAJORS - AGES 10, 11 &12

The Major's Division is a competitive level that continues to stress fundamental baseball and introduce more advance baseball techniques and strategies.

Age:            League Age 10-12-year-olds.
Hitting:  Players will be hitting off of player pitching for all 6 innings.
Field Size:  The field size is 60-foot base paths and pitching is at 46 feet.

  •  Team Formation: Players will participate in a tryout for skills evaluation and be drafted onto a team. If players are not selected in the Major's draft, they will be drafted to a AAA division team.
    • Once a player is drafted to a Majors team, he or she is deemed a "property player". The player remains with that team for the remainder of Majors-eligible years with MLL; except in the case of an expansion or contraction year, in which case players may be moved or re-drafted per applicable rules. Returning MLL Majors players do not attend tryouts.
  • Post Season: after the close of regular season games, each team will enter a double elimination tournament to close out the season. The seeding of the tournament is based on win/records of the regular season games.
Frequent Asked Questions
How are Majors teams formed?  Per Little League rules, all Majors teams are formed through a draft overseen by the league’s Player Agent.  ‘Property players’ are players that played last season in Majors.  Property players return to the same team and are not subject to the draft.  All other eligible players are added via the draft until rosters for all Majors teams are full. All players not selected in the Majors draft will be placed in Minors for the season.
Does my player need to tryout?  “Property players” (i.e. returning players) do not need to attend player tryouts.  Per Little League rules all other eligible players who wish to enter the Majors draft must attend tryouts.  This includes 12u league age players.
How are managers selected for the Majors Division?  All Majors managers are approved by the MLL Board of Directors each season.

Marysville Little League Rules

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