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Marysville Little League is open to all children between the ages of 4 and 16 who reside in the boundaries, as defined by their residence or school address. When discussing age within our website, it is based upon your child's League Age.

The Softball Program is designed to support girls as they transition from Tee Ball (which is a baseball program) to Girls Fastpitch Softball. At the Rookies Softball level, your child will switch to using a softball during practices and games, and begin to learn the rules and nuances that make Fastpitch Softball its own sport.

At Marysville Little League, we are committed to celebrating our girls going forward and remind everyone we have #girlswithgame right here in our community!

How To Determine League Age:

The best way to determine your child's League Age is by visiting the Little League International League Age Calculator.

You can also review the 2024 Softball League Age Chart Here. 

When does registration begin?

Marysville Little League Registration opens December 1, 2023 for the SPRING 2024 season. Follow the links above under REGISTRATION to open your Sports Connect account. If you already have a Sports Connect account from previous seasons, you will be prompted to log in.

When you log in / create your account and begin registration for your child(ren), the system will offer you the available options for your child's League Age. For many, there will only be one selection available. In some instances, you will see more than one available option. This occurs when a child's League Age is on the cusp of two divisions. For details on how to choose between two divisions, see below.

Which Division Should I Register My Child For?

The following is a general guideline for each division within the Softball Program. 

Division Age Range (based on League Age)
Rookies  6-7-8  
AAA  9-11 
Majors  10-12  
Juniors  12-14 
Seniors  14-16 

When a child's League Age falls between two divisions, it is up to the person registering to select the appropriate placement for their child. For example, a League Age 6 Year Old may be eligible to play in both Tee-Ball and Rookies. A good way to make this decision is based on your child's experience. If your child has played a full season of baseball / softball before, whether in Little League or through another recreation organization, it might be a good idea to move them to the higher division. You also need to consider your child's skill level aside from their League Age. Some players, even after playing a full season of the sport, will benefit from an additional season at a lower level to continue to develop at their own pace. 

Most children begin their Little League experience with Tee Ball, which is a Baseball Program under Little League International. If your child is League Age 4 through 6 - AND is entering their first year in the sport - please consider registering your child for Baseball.

If your child is League Age 7 or older and is entering their first year in the sport - please feel free to register for your child for softball. New players are always welcomed, encouraged even! Immediately after registration, we ask you to contact Christa Klumb, Vice President of Softball & Softball Coaching Coordinator via email ([email protected]) We will work with the Player Agent (Bryce Bosket) and Volunteer Coaches to coordinate with the best placement for your child. Our goal is to support all children in their success and help to grow their love of the sport - and that starts with proper placement and coaching.

Marysville Little League encourages you to make the best possible choice for your player; we know that YOU know them best! In the event that you wish to discuss your placement decision, we are happy to offer feedback and support.

If you have specific concerns about placement not answered here, please contact our Player Agent, Bryce Bosket via email ([email protected])

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